Highlights of 2015 Day 21 – Esoteric Dialogue

Esoteric Dialogue

Two Tone Comix brought together writer Scott Bufis & artist Matthew Salazar to work on Esoteric Dialogue…..a comic book with a much more hidden meaning behind the stories within.

Across issues #1 & #2 there’s a grand mix of ideas as the stories on the surface offer the entertainment you’d expect from most comics – quirky characters in various settings and while that may well be enough for most…..it’s the subtle layers and background messages that elevate this to a whole new level.  A vast commentary on the world we live, the power the “haves” yield over the “have nots” bubbles under the surface and you can either soak these in as you go or let the realization hit you at the end of the issues.


Scott lets the story meander through both issues but the pacing smart ideas combine with Matthew’s art to build something unexpected and something special.  Roll on issue #3 😀

Head over to the Two Tone Comix website to get your hands on issues 1 & 2, plus keep tabs on their Facebook page for more info too.


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