Comics Anonymous talks to Patrick Scattergood (Dark Pond Creations)

Dark Pond Creations

Dark Pond Creations is the brainchild of Patrick Scattergood & Carlos Moreno and woth some impressive issues already under their belts I got a chance to fire some questions at Patrick.

How did Dark Pond Creations begin?

Basically when some projects fell through, I started talking to Carlos Moreno about maybe working with each other somewhere down the line.  That’s when he said that he had a story that he wanted to draw but needed a writer.  I took a run at it and he liked it.  That’s when we decided to pair up and work on various projects together and solo but have them all come out under the same banner.  That’s how Dark Pond Creations came about really.  It’s since grown in to a group of us that want to work on as many different projects as possible.

Flesh Tones

Do you already have all of Flesh Tones & The Meek planned out?

Speaking for myself, I have the next two issues of Flesh Tones all mapped out with which stories will appear.  It’s just a matter of deciding the running order and so on.  With The Meek, Carlos and I have a broad overview of where we want the saga to run to but Carlos trusts me to throw in the twists, turns and characters to keep it as exciting as possible for our readers.

You already worked with Lee Taylor & Dan Charnley – will you work with them on other projects?

I hope so.  I loved just how truly different Taylor’s and Charnley’s art style were when compared to one another.  It would be an honour to call them back under the Dark Pond Creations umbrella at any time because they’re both so talented.

Flesh Tones - The Mansion

Did you match Lee’s, Dan’s & Carlos’ style to the stories they worked on?

With Flesh Tones, I deliberately matched Taylor’s quiet, subtle style to the story titled The Mansion.  I wanted it to be a normal zombie tale but I didn’t want it to be all flying limbs and eyeballs.  Taylor’s style really gave it a nice feel and pace to it so that when the horror did start, it hit harder.

Charnley’s rather unique style really brought the story Real Horror to life.  With the art style for The Mansion being so subtle, I wanted someone that could really go the opposite direction for the next story and Charnley really hit that nail on the head.  It was a bombastic, hard hitting look for Real Horror and is one of my favourite things that I have worked on thus far.

As for Carlos’ style, he brings so many subtle nuances to his work.  With The Meek, he manages to bring the quieter scenes to life but then hits full bore and there are guts and gore galore on the page.  Moreno is definitely someone that I really do see going far in the indie world and I am very lucky to be working with him on The Meek as well as a couple of other projects that we have in the pipeline.

You’ve done mainly horror titles so far – will you stick with those or branch out into other areas?

Oh definitely.  We have a one shot that we are currently working on alongside the legendary actor Bill Oberst Jr.  He came to me with an idea and the belief that I could make something of it and I asked Carlos to come on board.  It’s called Freak Show: Ballad of Cassandra.  It tells the story of a brutal murder in the midst of a traveling carnival but that’s not the main storyline.  Springing from that is the idea that a man can be split in to two ways really.  Two of the main characters are religious but they take it to different degrees.  One runs the carnival but has kept his religion and treats the various performers as family.  The other, takes it to the extreme and uses it to belittle, to denigrate and as a way of justifying the murder.  That then leads to the battle in the mind of whether the religion or the need for revenge will prove to be the most powerful.

I’m also working on a one shot that tells the character of a youngster trying to find the strength in themselves to open up as transgender in a town that bullies and abuses him for it.  That’s when he meets someone that will change his life, both for the better and also in a tragic way.

Carlos is also working on some projects with some new and exciting artists too and I, for one, can’t wait to see them.

Flesh Tones - Real Horror


With the dark themes you deal with in your books do these become an outlet or more difficult to write as a result?

I suffer greatly from depression and from having a ‘loud mind’ as my six year old describes it.  Because of that, I tend to use my art and my writing as catharsis really.  Just because my depression has hit however, doesn’t mean that the story will be a dark one.  Sometimes, it’s the complete opposite.  I have a story that was written during one of my darkest moments but it’s about a lady that is looking back on her life during the First World War and on the one true love that she had in her life.  That one will be appearing in the charity anthology Memorial.  On the other side of the coin, my mood can draw some really dark stories from me as well.  It just kind of depends on how my mind is working on that given moment.  That’s the joy of having such a loud and busy mind, I can be working on many different projects at once because I never know which one my mind will be attuned to until that very morning.

Do you have a favourite scene from your books so far?

I’d say one of the final pages in the first issue of The Meek.  There’s a scene where Edward is sat on the bed and weeping.  You just don’t see that a lot.  These days the hero has to be harder than nails and can’t show any sign of being weak.  I don’t like that so I wrote in a scene that showed Edward at his most vulnerable.  I wanted people to see this man that is tough and that has gone through so much yet while he has become cynical and a bit jaded, he still has emotions inside him.  He still has moments of doubt, of sadness and of depression.  That to me makes him a better character for all of  that because why would showing that level of emotion be classed as a weakness either in comic books or in real life?

What titles do you read other than your own?

I’m a big fan of Rachael Smith.  I love how each title she puts out is different from the last, especially with her most recent one called The Rabbit.  It was one of the best things that I have honestly read in years.  It’s the same with a Canadian writer and artist called Stephane Cote.  His book Fantasmagoria, is utterly superb.

I’m also a big fan of the Doctor Who comics that Titan Comics are putting out at the moment but that may be down to my being a big Whovian.  I have to admit though that I tend to read smaller press and indie titles really as I’ve fallen out of love with the ‘big two’ just seemingly repeating stories over and over again.  That’s why I read comics by people such as Victor Wright from Geeky Kid Comics, Rees Finlay from Damn Dirty Comics, Adam Cadwell and his Blood Blokes series, Drew Sumner from Ink and Booze as well as the work of Kel Winser and Steven D. Quirke.  There is so much quality in the scene these days that no matter what direction you look, there is always something that will catch your eye.

The Meek

What can we expect from Dark Pond Creations in 2016??

Comics and lots of them.  Convention appearances too.  This has been our first year in existence and I feel that we have more than held our own in the comic world so far and that we should be proud of where we are but it’s time to step it up a notch.

What else are you working on yourself?

Many, many things.  I’ve illustrated a story for the First World War anthology ‘Memorial’ that is raising funds for the charity War Child as well as having written two stories myself for it.  I’m also working on yet more issues of The Meek and Flesh Tones and the two one shots that I told you about earlier.

As well as those, I’m working on adapting an old story of mine that appeared in prose form in to a graphic novel about a young autistic boy that won’t talk to anyone other than the crows that appear in his garden.  The crows then lead him in to the darker side of the small town he lives in.

You can get hold the Dark Pond Creations through Sellfy and keep tabs on their latest news and Comic Con appearances over on their Facebook page.


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