Highlights of 2015 Day 19 – Trancers (Action Lab: Danger Zone)

TrancersActionLab I almost missed out on Trancers from Action Lab Danger Zone as it nestled away in the smaller publishers section of Previews……but luck must have been on my side for this as I’ve now read the first two and waiting on the 3rd and final issue.

The 3-parter is co-written by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti with art by Marcelo Salaza and it tells the story of futuristic cop Jack Deth as he continues his pursuit of psychic Martin Whistler.  Only thing is Whistler has gone down the line to 80’s LA and Jack’s plans to come after him are going to get bumpy along the way.

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Having loved the first Trancers movie since I was young (and having watched the other five as well) it’s a bit of a nostalgic moment for this in particular as I remember watching it with my Dad & sister and us laughing at every swear word and one-liner from the rough-edged hero.  This comic version manages to capture the very thing that makes Trancers & Jack Deth something of a cult and the thing is, once you’ve read this you’ll want to go back and see the movie(s) which can only be a good thing.

Gray & Palmiotti nail it with the writing as it’s mix of dark thriller & futuristic noir is smartly paced with art by Marcelo Salaza that almost crackles with that VHS vibe……great team on this one.  The 3rd and final issue hits on the 30th December with a collected TPB in January so you can go check out Action Lab Comics website & Facebook page for info on this and their other titles.


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