Highlights of 2015 Day 17 – The Lakes

The Lakes

2015 proved to be another Comic Con-filled year for me and while they turned out to be a mix of hits & misses……there was also a number of first time Con’s for me.  The best of which proved to be the The Lakes International Comic Art Festival that was hitting it’s 3rd year.

The event takes place in stunning village of Kendal nestled in the Lake District and while other events inhabit a single venue or hall……The Lakes is embraced by the whole village as shop windows & the streets themselves seem to embody the positive aspect that the event is trying to promote for all things comic book related.  It was a great mix of guests as an event packed full of panels, live sketching, signings and just…..fun, played out.  Comics were very much centre stage and the all-inclusive vibe saw young & old chat to creators and search for the next inspirational read, be that mainstream or from the amazingly talented indie titles on offer.  The event itself is free with the workshops, panels and movie screenings being ticketed…..a refreshing approach.

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{All pictures courtesy of Fiona Watson Photography}

It proved to be a hidden gem of an event and one that has me cursing my luck for missing those first two years but having discovered it and gotten lost in the world of comics it was trying to focus on…..that shouldn’t happen again.  The one downside for me was that I could only make it down for the Saturday ……something that I will remedy next year and aim to stay the entire weekend.  The date is set for next year’s event and I strongly advise you make your way there to enjoy the world of comics in a very different way.

Check out The Lakes website for more info.


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