Highlights of 2015 Day 16 – Paper Girls

Paper Girls

After the likes of Saga & The Private Eye it was hard to see how Brian K Vaughn could top that success but he seems to have struck gold again with his latest title, Paper Girls.

It’s a glorious mix of some of the movies I grew up with like Explorers, War of the Worlds or Stand By Me with a cast of four 12 year-old Paper Girls just trying to get through their latest deliveries.  A glorious opening in the first few pages of issue #1 sets us up for the epic things to come before easing things into the 80’s style that somehow oozes freshness with every detail.  The central characters are unique and fit together naturally as BKV weaves the group dynamic developing the mundane into the fantastic as paper deliveries give way to bullies, alien invasions and cyborg ninja’s……just a typical day.

Paper Girls vs the world

The artwork from Cliff Chiang & colours from Matt Wilson capture the glorious mood keeping things vivid or muted when needed to match BKV’s amazing story.  We’re just three issues in but this already feels like a classic in the making…..roll-on 2016 and more if this from Image Comics.


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