Highlights of 2015 Day 15 – Captain America: White

Captain America : White

It seems like I’ve always been a fan of Tim Sale & Jeph Loeb and I’m sure I’m not alone in that but back in 2008 they released an issue #0 of their new addition to the colors books they had a run of with Marvel….finally in September this year the series started properly with an extra-sized opening issue that included the content from that issue #0.

It’s Cap, Bucky and the Howling Commandos in the 40’s and they’re deep in the midst of taking on the enemy abroad with the war effort in full swing.  We’re building to something far more significant though and we’re being drip fed those details as we go from Bucky’s first discovery of who the man behind the Captain America mask really is and his training to become a sidekick.

Captain America & Bucky

The appearance of Red Skull is no real surprise along the way and the whole story has been building to it’s conclusion well with it’s wartime missions and impressive set pieces for Cap & Bucky to shine through.  Worth the wait…..for me anyway!


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