Highlights of 2015 Day 14 – Marvel’s Star Wars Titles

Star Wars Marvel

With Star Wars Episode VII set to hit screens this week it seems fitting that the Marvel/Star Wars titles would hit the list of highlights.

Admittedly I was dubious about these titles at first….thinking that they could well be another attempt to cash in on the Star Wars hype that’s been building since the announcement of new movies coming our way. ¬†That was far, far from the truth with each release from Marvel proving to be a significant addition to a mythology that’s extremely important to a vast number of fans……and the creative teams behind these were testament to how seriously they were being taken.

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The mix of on-goings & mini-series teamed up Jason Aaron & John Cassaday on Star Wars, Kieron Gillen & Salvador Larroca on Darth Vader, Mark Waid & Terry Dodson on Princess Leia, ¬†Charles Soule & Alex Maleev on Lando and Gerry Duggan & Phil Noto on Chewbacca…..with more titles on the way too.



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