Highlights of 2015 Day 12 – Tokyo Ghost


Creative team Rick Remender, Sean Gordon Murphy & Matt Hollingsworth brought us the stunning sci-fi tale Tokyo Ghost that may not be a million miles away from the truth.

It’s a world where the population are all technology-junkies in the truest sense of the word as they beg, steal & borrow their next virtual buzz.  Wired into a constant bombardment of information leaves the cities in control of the gangsters as the suppliers to the mindless population.  Central characters Led Dent and Debbie Decay are on their latest job to purge the tech form their bodies and invade the garden nation of Tokyo…..which is as far away form their tech-filled lives as they could possibly get.

Tokyo Ghost - interior

Rick Remender brings a unique perspective to a sci-fi tale that is all the more convincing with it’s roots in reality and he’s joined by art team Sean Gordon Murphy & Matt Hollingsworth who bring the story to life with some rich, highly detailed & subtle artwork.  It’s exactly the type of title I’d expect from Image who seem to be able to bring something unique to the comic book shelves of your favourite comic shop.


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