Highlights of 2015 Day 11 – Batman : Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight

The fourth installment of the Arkham run of games saw Rocksteady Games make a welcome return to the controls and deliver the game we deserved!

While I can’t claim to be much of a gamer there are certain releases that everyone is able to get their hands on and share as a collective group….in much the same way that Comics can bring that instant common ground.  The fact that a game like Arkham Knight can cover both groups in such a big way is probably a less obvious gain and the bottom line is – the game proved to be everything that we’d imagined.  We could walk, talk, fight and detect like Batman in much the same way as we had in the previous games but with far more purpose this time around and all with the added bonus of being able to drive the Batmobile around Gotham in as destructive a way as we felt necessary.  A tad clunky in places but that disappeared in the blur of an adrenalin rush that swept you up in all it’s glory.  Console wise it was a massive hit with sales going through the roof as quick as a gas-propelled Bat-rope but the story was less rose-tinted with the PC release and that most likely soured the whole thing for a lot of folks…..for the rest, like me, we soaked in the garish neon lights of Gotham and reveled in trying to hide in the shadows as we went mission to mission as the cut-scenes flowed.  With so many nods to comic tales past and present it seemed to hold every detail we’d expect to weigh down on our central characters shoulders and truth be know…..we never really wanted it to end….it was THAT good!


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