Highlights of 2015 Day 9 – The Darkseid War

DarkSeid War

Geoff Johns kicked off the EPIC DarkSeid War in DC’s Justice League title and the scale & intricate detail Johns brings to this is awe-inspiring on every level.

It’s a war on a Universe scale as Darkseid & The Anti-Monitor face off with the fallout sweeping the Justice League into it’s wake and molding them into new gods that could mean the end for any of them…..or for all of them.  It’s that element of the unknown that Johns brings to the table in this and pretty much anything he does as he doesn’t flinch from telling the story’s that will test the resolve of our favourite JL member.


Joined for the first few parts by artist Jason Fabok, colourist Brad Anderson & letterer Rob Leigh – the tone is set early on for the type of messed up, relentless battle that sees the trust between the team disappear or in some cases shatter.  What’s left is a strange new mix of characters as some reject the powers forced onto them or embrace them and thrive in a completely new way.  As well as taking place in the Justice League title itself there’s also been a series of one shots featuring Batman, Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Shazam & Lex Luthor that are just as integral to the whole story and manage to steer clear of feeling like they are bolted on ideas that aim to cash-in on the completist among us.  One of the best DC releases in a while for me.



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