Man vs Rock #4

Man vs Rock 4

After interviewing co-creators Kevin Nieber & Victor DeTroy a few months back I got the chance to catch up on volume #4 of their insane series.

While issues #1, #2 & #3 had set the scene for an invasion/apocalypse where the people of Earth were fighting the very rocks under their feet, making up the buildings and falling from the skies…..this fourth installment takes a bit of a step off the gas…..and not just because Buck is asleep at the wheel.

Buck Stone - Man Vs Rock

A nightmare scenario plays out in Bucks dreamy head of a normal life where Rocks are accepted into society but he snaps back to reality and we look at some brief moments of the continuing struggle that bookend the volume as the origins of Buck Stone take centre stage.  Where did our hero come from?? How did he become the hero we know and love??  Well he was born to the English Royal family, obviously………………and being far too perfect got him abandoned into the big bad world……that’s the quick and easy answer but the reality of reading this is far more complex, far crazier and much more entertaining.

English Buck Stone - Man vs Rock

Cue the arrival at an orphanage and his part in trying to make something of himself via music, movies and ultimately geology and this continues the crazy ideas flowing that somehow work if you’re willing to just go with the flow.  Kevin & Victor continue to build their insane world and with the consistency of Jared Lamp’s art rolling along like a boulder it’s a great title to get lost in.  Funny with it’s tongue firmly in it’s cheek but with a clear direction of where the action will go and who the main players will be.



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