Highlights of 2015 Day 8 – Airboy


Airboy was an Image Comics title that I was late in getting hold of but one that I’m glad I did as it proved to be yet another stunning original title.

Tasked with rewriting a 1940’s icon sees James Robinson & Greg Hinkle ask the big questions of waht can they do with a Golden Age hero, where have they gone wrong & what they’ve done with their lives but first they need to get some sex, drugs & rock n roll out of their system.  The debauchery that flows from the first to the last issue of this brings with it a hallucinogenic vibe as the modern world is visited by Airboy himself…..before whisking Robinson & Hinkle back to the front line of the war where they face-off against the Nazis.


The tale tosses & turns (literally in some cases) through history and some of the wild nights the artist and writer experience along the way but the gritty realism that it portrays makes this an uncensored story with some over-the-top moments, some laugh out loud lines and some other gloriously weird moments to ponder.  A great mix and another great release from Image Comics!



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