Highlights of 2015 Day 6 – Russian Olive to Red King

Russian Olive to Red King

Stuart & Kathryn Immonen released their latest collaboration earlier this year with Russian Olive to Red King and the graphic novel impressed from the first page to the last.

Telling a story that’s equal parts beautiful & heartbreaking it follows a fairly average relationship between Olive & Red and explores the ups & downs and ultimately the loss that it can represent. Paced exceptionally well by Kathryn as she draws you in with a cracking script it’s got a solid graphic novel feel to it which becomes a bit more experimental with the final passage of the story. ┬áThat doesn’t take anything away from it though as I couldn’t help but enjoy it form cover to cover.

Russian Olive to Red King - Interior

Artistically it’s equally as stunning as Stuart Immonen adds his own touches to the vast expanses and close, intimate scenes with the same care & attention. ┬áThe fact that writer & artist work so closely together on this tells with the combination working so well and I was even lucky enough to meet them both at The Lakes and chat to them about the book.


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