Highlights of 2015 Day 5 – Escape From Coatbridge


After loving the first couple of issues of Gavin Boyle’s Rapid Gazzer it was virtually guaranteed that it would be the same for his next title……but Escape From Coatbridge proved to be even better than I could have imagined.

Taking the Escape From New York story and settling it firmly in the local town of Coatbridge would have been enough in itself to get me on board but the updated version saw Gavin tweak the story to include some of the more recognizable Scottish traits & traditions into the midst of his story.

EFCB - 2047

Amazingly funny in it’s execution and with enough smart, savvy twists to keep anyone entertained it’s a glorious beginning to his 3-part release.  Gavin’s work on writing & art combines well and it’s a true example of how unique and successful a title can be with one person in charge of everything.  The passion to tell a story & the ideas he was trying to convey become all the more evident as those 2 elements mix to produce a comic I can go back to again & again and laugh at the same parts I did the last time……a sign of just how good it is.  Roll on #2.



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