Highlights of 2015 Day 3 – Huck


While Mark Millar had already wowed earlier in 2015 with Chrononauts it was the more recent issue #1 release of Huck that stands out in a good year for Millarworld.

Taking superhero tales back to the bare bones we get away from the big, brash costumes & thirst for fame in the limelight and instead go back to small town America.  Here the slower, simpler life sees our main character work through a list of good deeds all while the locals know the real source of the kindness being shown but are all more than content to embrace that and keep that information to themselves.


Only one issue in but there is enough of a fresh & significant vibe to this that it’s sure to be just as good…..if not better in the remaining issues.  Teaming up with another top class artist in Rafael Albuquerque who breaths real life into the pages and the virtually silent first 4 or 5 pages is testament to the power that the team-up has and will continue to have.  There’s already some buzz around the movie and I can’t wait for that AND the rest of the issues.


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