Advanced Review – Limbo #2

Limbo #2

After an impressive opening issue Dan Watters & Caspar Wijngaard hit us with issue #2 of their six-parter from Image Comics and things take a weird but wonderful turn.

After our amnesiac PI Clay hit the ground running in his latest case in issue #1 – the aftermath of him spying on The Thumb and capturing the video evidence that he needs starts to unfold in this second issue.  This seems to take a turn with the discovery of a strange figure in the video that Clay doesn’t remember seeing at the time…..but this results in a far more surreal mix of raw imagination & inventiveness from the creative team.

Limbo #2 - TV land

Clay spirals into a crazy world of VHS videos, cassette tapes, 16-bit games & voodoo……and that mix may well seem far too much to take in but it’s actually an intoxicating blend of things that sees his roommate Sandy step up to the plate.  There’s no real supporting cast in this issue compared with the first but the visual switches and the back n forth between Clay & Sandy while trying to save him is really building up their relationship in a very natural way.

Limbo #2 - Sandy

Dan steps up the pace with this second issue and it blurs passed in all it’s psychedelic glory as Caspar continues to weave his artistic magic.  Writing magic, artistic magic & voodoo magic are a great combination but even better if it can be pulled off in such a strong & engaging way as they have here.  Quickly building the characters and the title as a whole into a must-read release…’s highlighting just how good the team is in this title and how good Image Comics are at pushing boundaries and letting creative teams run wild with their ideas.  Thankfully that means that Limbo, for us readers, becomes a complex & vivid thriller that has glowing pages and bold characters.  Dan, Caspar & Jim Campbell on lettering manage to sustain the same positives that they brought in issue #1 and then add to it with story development that coaxes you in before you even realize it.

Check out the series over on the Image Comics website – You can check out more of Caspar’s art over on his facebook page and you can keep tabs on him & Dan over on Twitter too:


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