50 Signal #2

50 Signal #2

Near the start of 2015 Madius Comics released the first issue of 50 Signal by Nick Gonzo and the unassuming title had a cult vibe to it from the start…….but could that continue into issue #2??

Short answer is “yes, thank-you and good night” but that’s no fun so the longer answer is where we’ll head.  The first issue left us with a suitable “WTF?” reveal in the last panel and the space travel tale picks up where we left off…….in that Spaceman waiting room.

50 Signal - interior 1

This is where most of the issue takes place as the astronauts start to tell each other their story and this is where the different reasons for exploration start to flow.  Different species, different motivations and our main astronaut caught in the midst of the story sharing as time ticks by.  Exploration is still the driving force for them all but it’s the central character who takes the step back through the waiting room door and into the void.

50 Signal - interior 2

It’s a glorious adventure that sees just as many questions as answers come up but that’s sort of the point I think as the quest to explore the unknown and move onto the next adventure as the wider galaxy is calling out to our intrepid explorer.  Nick has progressed the story exceptionally well from that opening issue and the hook from that issue is still attached throughout this second issue.  The simplistic art works just as well and it feels like it almost crackles with that familiar black & white movie vibe as the same cult feeling flows through it.  An easy title to get lost in and I’m hoping this is one that continues in more issues……..great stuff AGAIN from Nick.

Head over to the Madius Comics website to get your hands on this and their other titles & keep tabs on their future releases on their Facebook page or Tumblr.



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