Highlights of 2015 Day 1 – Beast Wagon


Beast Wagon hit the Indie comic scene with the type of successful Kickstarter many could only dream of and that paved the way for the first two issues to reach print this year.

Thankfully I count myself as one of those backers and the creative team of Owen Michael Johnson & John Pearson have rewarded that and then some with one of THE standout titles of the year…..be that Indie or mainstream.  They’ve opened Whipsnarl Zoo to the masses and let us all into the heads of the animals as they go through their days in much the same way as the visitors.  The result of that has been an intricate world of animals portrayed as the exact same mix of morons & leaders as we see among the humans in the real world……but who’s to say this isn’t closer to real world than we think.

Smart, funny dialogue keeps the title flowing as an easy read while the pages are flooded with the type of art that makes you linger and then turn back for another look.  Two issues in and there’s no telling where this will go but the options are endless for Owen & John and I’m sure that we’ll continue to be wowed by this in future issues too…….all aboard the Beast Wagon.

You can catchup on my reviews of issues #1 & #2 and checkout the Changeling Studios website for more details as well as get hold of your own copies from their online store.



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