Funk Soul Samurai

Funk Soul Samurai

Nick Gonzo already impressed with 50 Signal #1 and the very different Funk Soul Samurai sees Madius Comics release another of his stories.

The Funk Soul Samurai in question has a purpose……and that purpose is to get himself a damn milkshake and nothing is going to get in his way…..although a lot of things will try.  It’s a release without dialogue which may make it a quick “read” as it were but the 90’s style (samurai’s got a Walkman) and post-apocalyptic vibe make for a very interesting mash-up.  It’s a mix of Scott Pilgrim & Shaolin Cowboy as the action plays out and while I soak in the pages I’m pretty sure I can hear a kick-ass soundtrack playing in my head.

Punk Soul Samurai - stranger

Sound-effects are weaved into the story by Nick as his artwork keeps things simple but full of energy as zombies& milkshakes stay firmly in the sights of our main protagonist. Those zombies soon grow to become a far bigger monster and it’s a case of keeping the samurai sword and earphones prepped for maximum impact as we see these obstacles cleared with that prize in mind.

Funk Soul Samurai - zombies

Great work on writing again from Nick and while the artwork may not win any awards – it doesn’t have to because this is all about a guy getting his milkshake and Nick telling that story in the best way he knows show.  We end up with a story that turns out to be a smooth, stylish creation that will hopefully see as wide an audience as possible.

You can get hold of this and the other Madius Comics titles over on their online shop and keep up to date with what’s next over on their Facebook page.



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