Mulp: Sceptre of the Sun #2

Mulp #2

After a solid opening issue of Mulp (reviewed here) I was glad to get my hands on issue #2 so soon with its release at this year’s Thought Bubble in Leeds.

Co-creators Matt Gibbs & Sara Dunkerton continue their archaeological adventure in a world of mice with two definite sides aiming to get their hands on the Sceptre. Jack Redpath & Cornelius Field are making leaps in the right direction but the puzzle starts to get more taxing the closer they get and they have their evil shadows to contend with who are aiming to stand on their shoulders to grab the Sceptre first.

Mulp - interior

The tablet unearthed in issue #1 continues to be the source for their clues but their collective heads help discover the links and kicks off their travels onto new lands with the discovery that the stars themselves could hold more clues than they realized.  Just as that last piece is sliding into place though, luck leaves their side and the bad guys….or bad mice….. get their moment to steal the lead in the race for the prize.

Mulp - interior 2

Hidden temples, sacred rocks and all-out adventure sees Mulp gain momentum in a far more significant way than I was expecting.  The team also manage to maintain an impressive roster of characters that helps to build the feeling of a whole world being available to explore.  The glorious artwork keeps the narrow streets & caves claustrophobic, the wide landscapes suitably epic and the face off’s between both parties just as action packed & full of energy as they need to be.

Matt’s story manages to weave a number of layers together and still maintain a balance of information as the story that leaves you feeling like you’ve read more than just one issue. There is just as much myth & legend crammed into these pages as any other book out there and the pacing is crucial in making that as accessible as the creative team manage to achieve.  This makes it even harder to believe that with this much story already played out,that we’ve still got three issues to go.  An epic read for all ages.



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