Limbo #1


Dan Watters & Caspar Wijngaard team-up for their Image Comics release Limbo which brings us an amnesiac Private Detective steeped in the criminal underworld of Dedande City…….with a hint of voodoo thrown in for good measure.

Opening in a seedy bar in Dedande City we are swiftly introduced to our central character Clay in a mix of beer, lizard on a stick & bar-room brawls.  The noir vibe is there from the offset but somehow alongside a vibrant neon world that helps counter-attack the darker side of the city…..or maybe just provide more shadows for the kind of goings-on you get in the seedier part of town.  Clay is all kinds of messed up and after being saved by his roommate and voodoo aficionado – his world of gritty, shitty cases & mystical magic blend together amazingly well.


A beautiful femme fatale throws him the latest case onto his desk which brings him into the dark world of the city drug wars.  His surveillance of the big boss, The Thumb, sees the worlds of murder & voodoo magic blur together and he’s soon getting himself deeper into a world he may or may not be able to get out of……and considering he’s got that cloud of amnesia hanging over him….he’s already IN a world he doesn’t know too well.


Watters builds a world where everybody is bad to some extent and that’s probably far closer to a real world than most of us would ever admit to.  A charismatic, mysterious lead swaggers his way from one thing to another, be that a bar or his latest case and he’s the kind of character you’d like to grab a drink with.  The strong supporting characters around him are just as bad in their own way and the fine balance & subtle differences between them allow the real villains to flex their mob-funded muscle.  The art is glorious from Wijngaard who blends neon & noir together with ease……two things that shouldn’t work together but somehow do.  He brings the darkness of crime & voodoo and smashes it into the face of Dedande City’s neon lights and that helps briefly illuminate a mystic world of madness.  Jim Campbell rounds things off nicely with his lettering too that adds another defined dimension to the real world and the strange world of voodoo.

Another glimmering gem in the Image Comics list of titles which shines as well as the Dedande City lights.  Great stuff.


Check out the series over on the Image Comics website – You can check out more of Caspar’s art over on his facebook page and you can keep tabs on him & Dan over on Twitter too:



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