Edge of Extinction:Day One #1


Eighth Continental Publishing brings us issue #1 of Edge of Extinction by creators Baden James Mellonie & Paul Peart-Smith and while at first glance it may look like another post-apocalyptic zombie tale….there’s much more to this one.

The story opens with a pretty mundane setting as Jason Mills goes through the motions of another 7am start and the routine that begins his day.  The arrival of a parcel seems to break the cycle but that’s just the beginning of the events that drag him into the unknown spread of a virus that’s making people attack each other in the streets.


The death of the postman in his hallway and his 999 call triggers the arrival of armed police and the world begins to unravel as Baden & Paul kick-off what feels like real-time events in Jason’s life that bring a real sense of panic and urgency after a relatively slow buildup.  It shows alot of promise which makes me keen to see how the next issues go and the eye-catching cover by Stephen Samson is a good indication of the direction this title may take.  That being said the sea of zombie titles already out there is an instant challenge to overcome but this manages to do that with a good mix of drip-fed information to help draw you in and then a cracking cliffhanger ending that goes where you expect but leaves you wanting more.


The black & white art for a zombie story will always draw parallels with the likes of The Walking Dead but Paul’s style is unique……it looks like art I’ve seen before but it’s managed to capture an edgy sense of realism that feeds off the dialogue to help gain more momentum as the issue progresses.  Probably one for the “surprise package” list for me and one that I’m hoping continues the positive steps it’s taken in this opening issue……roll on issue #2!!

Check out the Eight Continental Publishing Facebook page or Edge of Extinction Website for more info.  You can also keep in touch with the creators over on Twitter:





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