Jupiter #2

Jupiter #2

Issue #1 of Drew Askew’s (aka Drew Sumner) Jupiter entered the Indie Comic Book ring with all the style and presence of a seasoned pro…..and issue #2 aims to continue that.

While we saw our ex-wrestling movie star wrestler come Private Detective jump into his latest missing girlfriend case with two-feet……his venture into the local sewers had given him more questions than answers and he’s trying his best in this issue to get those answers.  The source of those questions is the discovery of a strange cult that the “missing” girlfriend he’s been looking for is currently part of.

Jupiter 2 - interior1

The face-off between them turns sour (just like the taste of sewer water) and his quest for answers & end to evil hurtles him into limbo where his search for answers to own, very personal questions bring about a very different face to face than he was expecting…..and some more wrestling 😀  His sewer visit leaves him far more lost than he was hoping but his soul searching can wait as he returns to his office to be met with that “missing” girlfriend who seems anything but missing and a big reveal that starts to build the story and fill in some of those gaps.


It’s stellar work from Drew again as his writing & artwork keep things moving along at a steady pace while keeping things simple yet effective.  It’s moved from being a quirky idea to something far more over the course of just these two issues and there’s a definite heart to the book which becomes more tangible as we live through the life of our central character. Sad, funny but so much more than the sum of it’s parts which is mainly down to the fine balancing act that Drew manages to pull off……something that we see a bit more of where all creative duties are on the shoulders of one person.  Good on ya Drew.

Check out this and his other titles over on the Ink & Booze website & Facebook pages.




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