Huck #1 – Advanced Review


The newest Millarworld/Image Comics title hits on the 18th November and Huck #1 sees Mark Millar team-up with another big name artist in Rafael Albuquerque……and this could well be another hit in a recent series of hits for the Glasgow-based writer.

It’s another title with a difference from Millarworld as the extremes of previous titles have dissipated in recent year’s to leave a softer, less cynical view of the real world. As Huck fills his days with good deeds that the town residents are all too awar about what he’s been up to……but say nothing.  It’s small town sensibilities from Huck and the towns-folk but that simple life is put at risk from the outside world as word gets out about Huck’s abilities.


Here’s what the writer & artist had to say about the title themselves……


“Even in a year where I had Kingsman: The Secret Service, I think this is the project I’m most excited about. I couldn’t stop writing this and just fell in love with the character, who’s unlike anything else I’ve ever written and anything else I’ve seen in a comic before. I think people are going to go crazy for this one and having Rafael on the art just pushed the whole thing into overdrive for me. I think it’s the best art of his career and I wish it was out right now just so people could see the magic he’s working.”



“Working on Huck is more than the opportunity of collaborate with one of my favourite writers, it’s also the chance to revisit some kind inner child, who still loves simple but strong and meaningful stories and ultimately made me get into comics business. It made me explore the positive and optimistic side of my art that was asleep for a while, and it’s been definitely a unbelievable experience.”

Shows just how much the title means to them both and a special mention has to go to colourist Dave McCaig too who adds a layer of detail and mood that elevates this well away from a “run-of-the-mill” story of being a hero.  Thoughtful, intriguing and ultimately beautiful – it’s another title from Millar that will appear on most peoples pre-order list for good reason……the difference being that the reward for that faith will surpass most peoples expectations.

There’s also a stunning variant “Feel good Movie” variant cover too:


Check out the Image Comics site for more info on Huck.



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