Mulp: Sceptre of the Sun #1


Mulp Co-creators Matt Gibbs & Sara Dunkerton recently announced that future issues of their title would be published under Improper Books – a good fit with some of the other books they already produce and I thought I’d take a look at the first issue.

That cover alone will give you a fair idea of what to expect from the story but things unfold as the disappearance of a professor on an archeological dig in Egypt brings ex-soldier Jack Redpath & his old friend Cornelius Field in to investigate……..oh yeah, they’re both mice………in case you missed that fact.  While other anthropomorphic releases replace human characters with animal versions……..this instead retains the scale you’d expect for mice – just wait until you see the skeleton that’s discovered.

Mulp - Egypt

The stories of Egyptian treasure and mysteries from the past play out like an Indiana Jones story as car chases, gun fights, historical facts & the henchmen of our mysterious villain all blend together to keep this flowing along at a hectic pace.  Travelling between Egypt and London we delve deeper into what’s at stake with each piece of the puzzle and It’s soon evident that these mice are small in size but big on adventures…….at least that’s what this issue leads us to as the cast builds at the same pace as the story.

In his sights

Matt Gibbs’ quirky story and strong characters build well and the pace keeps this first issue trucking along at an impressive pace.  No time for dilly-dallying as the quest is underway and the pace may well mean you miss some of the detail from Sara Dunkerton’s artwork……but you’re sure to go back and re-read this as soon as you’re finished anyway and pick up on all that detail. The glorious character designs from Sara keep each of them individually recognizable which is no mean feat for a cast of mice and the muted tones in the colouring seems to emphasize that pulp theme which I’ve always been a sucker for.  Jim cambell’s lettering is worth a mention too as there’s a lot of information to get across as the mystery deepens but the balance between art & text is handled expertly well.

A great start to a great story and with another four issues still to go this could well be one of those hidden gems that’s finally getting it’s shot at fame….and rightly so.  It’s onward to the next issue and more travelling around the world alongside our new mice friends!

You can keep tabs on progress of the book over on their Mulp website and since they’ve recently found a new home with Improper Books you can check out their Website & Facebook page for more details too.



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