The Kill Screen #4

The Kill Screen #4

The fourth issue of The Kill Screen sees co-creators Mike Garley & Josh Sherwell bring the first arc of their AMAZING release to a close and since issues #1, 2 & 3 already blew me away……I was eager to see how things would finish up.

While the reveal at the end of the last issue came as a bit of a “WTF?” moment brought us down to the final face-off with Chris ending up in the hands of CATS & his followers.  We pick up with the other survivors prepping to go save Chris and put an end to the CATS cult’s insatiable need make everyone join their group.

Join us

There are multiple attempts to make Chris a follower but with Jill already in their clutches it’s down to Chris to resist…….at least long enough for the rest of the gang to arrive.  The action steps up a notch from here on out as the fights become battles and the battles become a war.  There are some casualties along the way but the the give & take between both sides brings the ultimate sacrifice and an open-ended final few panels that are equal parts frustrating & satisfying……damn you co-creators and you’re mixed signals!!


The pacing and quality of The Kill Screen story has been so strong and consistent that it was already something that had built-up in my head as that first arc progressed……and I’m pleased to say that it continues that trend with ease.  Garley weaves in those subtle elements & humour that make the story very human and with Sherwell knocking it out the park on art duties…..I’m sold on this 4th issue, this whole arc and the next issues to come.

While part of the success for me on this title has been that consistency, it’s the fresh feel and originality that takes it away from being “another zombie themed comic book” and into a realm of it’s own.  The  creative team have worked magic on this as Mike Garley, Josh Sherwell & Mike Stock combine yet again to make this smart, funny, tech-savvy & engaging from start to finish.  The Kill Screen has then become an easy title to recommend to others given that I’ve enjoyed every page, panel & pixel.

Keep tabs on this over on the Facebook page and get your hands on all four issues at the Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival in a couple of weeks time (14th & 15th November) or over on Mike’s online store.



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