Preview – Beast Wagon Chapter 2

Beast Wagon - Cover

Owen Michael Johnson & John Pearson will soon return with Chapter 2 of their critically acclaimed, British Comic Awards nominated and downright AMAZING Beat Wagon release…… getting a glimpse of some early pages is surely something everyone was holding out for.

The momentum from the Kickstarter they ran ensured that not only would the first issue see print but that the second would be well on it’s way…….and after that the praise flooded in for what proved to be a 10/10 issue for me when I reviewed it.  Now with chapter Two on the horizon I got a chance to check out the cover and some of the interiors….


BeastWagon_002_006LTR BW - 2pg7

Good to see the same stunning work from Owen, John & Colin as story, art & lettering is combining well……another must read title that will surely get better and better as it progresses and one that you should really catch-up with if you haven’t read that first chapter yet.

You can get hold of that first issue over on the Changeling Studios website.


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