City of Lost Souls #3

City of Lost Souls #3

Issues #1 & 2 of City of Lost Souls has already set a grim, dark tone for the series from writer James McCulloch and artist Janine Van Moosel – a trend that looks to be continuing judging by that cover for issue #3.

Central character Matt is now haunted by the souls of his victims who have joined the quest to find the City of Lost Souls as they try to find some sort of peace and Matt tries to atone for his murderous ways any way that he can.  The connection between earth & hell seem all the more real with each issue as demons and the dead continue to mess with Matt’s head and issue three seems to bring with it the beginning of the cracks in his mental state.


Companion Ki is still playing his part on getting him through his quest while trying his best to keep things normal in his own dark, after-life as he drifts back to the Other Side to try and keep tabs on the next move the demons are considering… well as get some supplies.  leaving Matt alone with the souls that surround him wasn’t the best idea though, as the need to make him suffer and force him to see what impact his murders have had kicks up a gear.  Rape, murder and suffering are all too fresh with one of his victims and forcing him to face up to this and relive the harsh moments sets Matt up with his latest side mission……the City of Lost Souls can wait.  Cue some equally brutal revenge killing and fighting fire with fire quickly becomes matching death for death in an attempt to push his retribution further forward.

The Pit

Some fairly extreme ideas are starting to roll out across the pages of COLS but there is an underlying point to it all where the worst aspects of life, death and everything in-between are laid bare for us to experience & ultimately learn from.  The dialogue from James maintains the same brutal, honest and sharp edge to it while Janine’s artwork has become more highly detailed and visceral since the previous issue…..adding another unsettling dimension to Matt’s story. Grim, gruesome and great is how this all combines and this twisted tale continues to twist.

You can pick up issues 1 & 2 and preorder #3 over on the online shop.  You can also keep tabs on progress of this title and their appearances over on the City of Lost Souls Facebook page.



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