Escape From Jesus Island #3


Issues #1 & 2 of Escape From Jesus Island set the scene for a biblical science horror with much more to offer than your typical throwaway horror story…… I was glad to get my hands on #3.

We’ve already seen the progress ReGen has made in it’s attempts to resurrect Jesus but the real horror’s still lurk on Malsum Island and with the Pope’s team on recon/kidnapping duties……things are about to get messy.


They’ve already had their casualties and their escape form the island seems less certain after the destruction of their helicopter out of there.  The gruesome results from the ReGen program are soon in pursuit and while we don’t fully know what exactly they are…..we know that we’ve got monsters protecting monsters as they hunt the human invaders.  We get to find out more details of the apparent success that the scientists have had along the way with the biggest success being the arrival of twins Jesus & Damien.  One weak but with definite power and the other just as powerful but the pair together represent a far more significant threat to the island, maybe even the world.


A gruesome battle with a fair share of loss on both sides……but the islands inhabitants have an ace up their sleeves that swings the balance back in their favour leaving us with a cliffhanger moment where tactics are thrown out the window in the last gasp efforts for survival.  Gloriously over the top just like the first two issues as Shawn French continues to drag us down to the depths of his psyche and don’t even ask about the puppies…..seriously……don’t ask.  While this could all have been a series of scares for the hell of it (no pun intended) the writing is far more definite and it feels like every flash of evil is perfectly measured to help build the messed up world we’re experiencing.  That’s all matched by Mortimer Glum’s hyper-realistic art that pulls no punches and revels in being able to bring hell to life in the most skin-crawling way possible…..not for the squeamish in places that’s for sure.

While horror has never been a top category for my reading pile a release like Escape From Jesus Island has opened up a new genre that I perhaps wouldn’t have gotten involved with before…..something they achieved from that first issue and have me wondering when I can get my hands on the next issue.  The stuff of nightmares but the type of title you can’t look away from…..even the worst scenes.



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