DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection – Part 1 & 2: Hush


Last week saw the release of the first issue in the new DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection from Eaglemoss – released fortnightly and featuring some of the best known DC characters around with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Green Arrow and the JLA all set to appear.

First up in part’s one & two is Batman: Hush, a story that seems to have always been on my “must get round to reading” list and this seemed like the perfect chance to jump on-board this new collection.  Sure enough, the quality of the story & art was as expected from Jim Lee & Jeph Loeb as they set up a who’s who of Batman’s villainous foes.  Add to that a new enemy that’s pulling the strings and knows more than most about our central hero.

A glorious story that captures the essence of what makes Batman such an amazing character and what a place to start for this new collection.  A worthy opener and with quality like this reprinted in a hardback format is a tough one to beat – with the added bonus of a series of free gifts as part of the subscription to the series.

Free GiftsGreat stories, quality books and some great additional material telling some of the original stories from the characters first appearances and it’s GOT to be worth considering for old & new fans alike.  You just have to look at some of the other perks that come with a subscription or even an upgrade to a premium subscription and gain three extra books that retell some of the biggest stories from the pages of Green Lantern (The Sinestro Corps War through to Blackest Night)

DC Collection

With 75 years of characters to cover this will surely venture outside those already listed but even if it doesn’t the collection will capture some of the biggest characters in some of their biggest storylines.  One to stick with for the long haul.

You can check out more of what’s on offer over from the collection on the Eaglemoss website and you can keep track on more from them through Facebook & Twitter.



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