Death Sentence: London #3

Death Sentence London #3

The latest issue of Death Sentence; London hits shops tomorrow and I take a look at how #3 works out following a solid start in the first 2 issues.

While those first two issues brought back Verity & Weasel it also introduced us to FBI agent Jeb and the beginnings of the government trying to tackle the G-Plus problem….that of course brings with it some conspiracies and further investigations into their motives.  Prime target in those investigations is the London Mayor and we get to see how warped the world has become…..which isn’t too far from our own.


Verity is working through her long list of regrets as she tries to make amends where she can and figure out just where the hell her future is going.  While that leaves her with a feeling of insignificance, she couldn’t be further from the truth as we slowly discover she’s far more important to the final outcome of G-Plus  That’s just the beginning for Verity though as she’s attracted the attention of far more people than she realizes.


We also get a further glimpse into Jeb’s life and it’s all coming apart at the seams as his call to take part in one last job sparks a new rift in his marriage.  Montynero continues to weave these elements together and build up his own mythology in his newly created world.  That being said the parallels he brings to Death Sentence remain very close to the real world allowing the title to act as a broader exploration of some crucial ideas.

That makes this part social commentary, part satire but all the more entertaining as a result and it’s an intriguing mix that’s a million miles away from anything else on offer through the big two.  If anything, that’s the magic of titles that make a name for themselves with a strong indie voice – there’s more freedom to express and more scope in the possibilities they’ll cover next…..and Death Sentence is a prime example of that.

The art from Martin Simmonds helps bolster that same vibe – with a highly detailed set of characters that mimic recognizable real world people.  The writing combined with the art just makes this Titan title the complete package as it keeps the momentum flowing from that first volume as the creators maintain a strong consistency from the first issue through to this latest issue.  Stunning stuff.



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