App-1 #1

App1 #1

Planet JimBot bring us their latest release in superhero comic App-1 #1 with writer Jim Alexander at the helm.

Rather than your run-of-the-mill story though we have three distinctly different timelines that are all connected by our central hero.  This great approach sees the surprising future play out as a new generation go in search of the famous App-1 in a world that’s become imprisoned by monsters called the Bogeys.  That only brings with it the main question – how could a world with its very own superhero be under the control of anyone, let alone these grotesque monsters.

App1 pic 2

Cue a flashback to a time where the famous superhero App-1 is adored by fans and as he meets n greets his fans with an autograph and a quick word – the population is kept safe as meteors threaten to cause massive destruction.  This seems to be the main event but just as we are getting into the facts of that we’re whisked away for a well-placed interview with App-1 that breaks up the flow and helps build the mystery and awe around our brand new superhero.

App1 pic 3

The final glimpse shows us a time when App-1 is ably assisted by Albert Einstein to rid himself of a very real threat that links the other elements of the stories we’ve seen so far. The timelines are weaved together with perfect timing and Jim manages to give each element its own sense of life and direction that makes this another stellar title to add to the already impressive Planet Jimbot releases.  The artwork for each timeline varies as well as Eva Holder, Conor Boyle & Iella are given a fair chance to bring their own style to App-1 and breathe life into what could become your new favourite superhero.

App1 pic  4

Multi-layered across these three timelines with writing & artwork that emphasizes the key elements of his past, present & future with enough momentum and freshness to help it rise above other titles out there.  It’s Jim doing what he does best and with the same skill and detail that’s been the force behind that same momentum on his other projects.  Not just another superhero comic for you to consider but another superhero you can be a fan of.

Check out the Planet Jimbot store for this one which will launch at this weekend’s MegaCon in Carlisle.



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