The Troll

The Troll

Artist & creator Martin Flink brings us The Troll released through Accent UK and after loving his previous title The Man of Glass – I didn’t really need convinced to give this a go.

Just like The Man of Glass, Fink has again gone wordless for The Troll and made it an all-ages book inspired by his sons imagination.  It’s a modern-day tale of a boys adventure as he goes exploring in the woods near to the cabin him and his family are staying in and as the trees beginning to close around him the accidental discovery of a Troll brings with it a far more unexpected edge to his day.

There’s a definite “Where the Wild Things Are” vibe to this from the beginning and it offers the same excitement & wonder that exploring somewhere new can bring.  As it’s wordless, it’s a fairly quick page turner for us adult readers but the artwork does create a strong sense of atmosphere that draws you in further as more panels are used in the forest scenes to make sure the tension begins to build for our central character.

The Troll

The story is pretty straight-forward in itself but it’s the skill in the artwork & the subtle use of panel layouts that allow the big wide world to become all the more claustrophobic as the discovery is made and panic sets in.  Although that ultimately gives way to a sense of fun for our two new friends and the whole story becomes an engaging experience for readers of all ages and that’s where it’s success lies.

It’s further proof of just how varied the titles from Accent UK can be with this having a real hidden gem quality about it and with the subtle, smart approach to story-telling from Fink bringing together what could’ve felt like a clone of some other stories already out there it instead feels like something to cherish & share with other comic book readers.

You can catch this and more over on the Accent UK website and see where they’ll be appearing next through their blog.



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