Dump #3


David Robertson brings us the third and final edition of his Dump comic released through Fred Egg Comics.

It pulls together a sea of ideas and while you could class this as an anthology there’s so much more to this than first expected.  A solid mix of stories and ideas that covers everything from time travel to bum monsters and everything in between.  This issue is starts and ends with some longer stories and some interesting shorts but the “30 day comic event” David took part in makes up a good run of the pages and shows off the diverse range his writing & artwork has to offer.


The nods to the likes of Star Wars, the homage to Garfield and switch from solid black lines to a far more sketchy style works well given the short, punchy nature of his chosen themes.  While those themes flip from one thing to another they also help convey a mix of emotions too as the funny, the sad and the crazy elements all mix well to give this a rollercoaster feel to it with each page turn bringing a surprise subject and response.

The Orb

There are also some guest artist that contribute to this issue with work from Neil Paterson, Pam Wye, Keara Stewart, Damon Herd, Donna Law & Ludi Price all blending well with David’s own style to give this a consistent feel to it.  While a couple of these stories have already appeared in the Treehouse anthologies it’s good to see more of David’s work together in one place and while this may be the last issue of Dump…..I’m sure we’ll see more from him soon.

You can check out the Fred Egg Comics Blog and pickup the issue over on the Big Cartel page.



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