Comics Anonymous talks to the ‘Man vs Rock’ creators – Kevin Bieber and Victor DeTroy


Man vs Rock proved to be one of the most insanely entertaining titles I’ve read in years with #1, #2 & #3 giving us some crazy, funny moments….so I jumped at the chance to fire some questions at it’s creators Kevin Nieber & Victor Detroy.

What was the inspiration behind Man vs Rock?

You would be amazed by what you can come up with when you’re on massive doses of bath salts… Actually, the inspiration for Man vs. Rock is pretty obvious–one day, we were watching the most brilliant comedian of our generation, Larry the Cable Guy, and we thought to ourselves, “even if we’re never half as funny or smart as Larry the Cable Guy, we should pay homage to him by creating an ultra-serious, feminist self-help thriller.”  And so we came up with our story about a homeless man who fights rocks.

Is MvR an easy book to work on?

Well, working with an abusive, alcoholic, heroin addict like Victor can have its challenges, but ever since Victor got me addicted to heroin too, it’s been a blast!  Wait– what was the question again?

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MvR has a definite style in terms of art – is that always how it was intended to look?

We told Jared to trace Greg Land’s artwork, and Man vs. Rock is what he came up with.  Like most comics today, we also wanted Man vs. Rock to look like the comic strip, Cathy, meets the film, Star Wars: the Phantom Menace, and we think Jared really pulled off that classic genre.  In seriousness, Jared does an amazing job and we’re thrilled to have him on the team!

MvR includes a lot of themes from apocalyptic (maybe a-rock-alyptic??) to romance but humour plays a big part – how easy a mix is that to write?

Comedy is easy when you steal every joke from Carlos Mencia.  At its heart though, Man vs. Rock is designed to make you laugh.  So, even though there’s action and some cheesy romance, if we don’t make you laugh, we’re not doing our jobs (and deserve to have our jobs taken by illegal Mexican immigrants, according to the latest Donald Trump pamphlets I’ve read).

Pobody Nerfect

There’s a definite feeling of scale to the book given it’s something that affects the whole world – was that always how you envisioned it?

Well, at first we only wanted the book to effect small towns like New York City and London, but after writing it, we thought, “who cares what tiny cow-towns like NYC and LA think?  Lets focus on real cities … like Bakersfield and South Shields!”  So yeah, even though we’re registered xenophobes, Man vs. Rock is supposed to effect the whole world.

How big a series do you expect it to be?

Completing Man vs. Rock is a condition of our parole (long story short, we used to work for Jared Fogle’s charity), so we want to keep it going as long as possible.  We expect Man vs. Rock to last 8 or 9 volumes, then we have other things in the works that we’ll announce when the time comes.

Will there be a collected edition and will that be in its own life-size rock?

We have Volumes 1 through 4 collected for V.I.P.’s who have $17.00.  It comes with a free rock pregnancy test, a Freddy Adu rookie card, and a half eaten bag of Funyuns!  You can check out all our merch in our online store.

Vol 4 Inside Cover

Given we have so many comics being converted into TV/Film- who would you have playing the main characters?

Like most legitimate artists, our goal for Man vs. Rock is to sell-out to Hollywood as fast as possible.  Since the world hasn’t seen a decent movie since Kevin Smith died, we think the time is right for Man vs. Rock. As far as who we would cast, Buck is a gritty no-nonsense action hero with the scowl of that guy from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, the cockiness of that guy from Dirty Harry, and the voice of that old dude from Gran Torino. So naturally, we think the ideal actor for Buck Stone is Robert Pattinson.  We think our female lead would be Meryl Streep or Buffy the Body.

What other writers/artists inspire you?

We’re inspired by greatness here at Man vs. Rock.  So naturally, we’re inspired by the legendary creators of our generation — Michael Bay, Bo Bice, and Joe Biden.  Seriously, though, there’d be no Man vs. Rock without Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Monty Python, or Mitchell and Webb … so sue them.

What other projects do you have in the works?

We’ve got a brand spanking-new webcomic called Buck Stone Presents.  It’s about Buck Stone telling ridiculous stories to little children with his own revisionist histories.  You can find Buck’s thoughts on the most evil men in the world, or how Buck ruined Aladdin for kids everywhere.

You can check out more on the story so far on the Man vs Rock website, Facebook page & through Twitter.  You can also check out their store for comics, tshirts & more.

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