Dungeon Fun #4

Dungeon Fun #4

After sweeping the board at last year’s SICBA awards….it was with mixed feelings that I picked up a copy of the 4th & final issue of Dungeon Fun at the Forbidden Planet Glasgow launch last month.

While issues #1, #2 & #3 had already built-up an impressive momentum with SICBA awards, high praise & a growing fan base the realization that it could end came as a big surprise.  That being said, the 4th issue embellishes every element creators Colin Bell & Neil Slorance has already poured into the title.  Interesting characters, crazy situations and a firm grasp of humour that appeals to all ages have remained a constant throughout the story of Fun Mudlifter.

Fun aka Stephanie

It’s with this final issue that we start to really find out more about our main character though – the story behind how she came to live in Deepmoat.  Although she sort of fell into that and it’s her sister, Helena who has tracked her down with an aim to reuniting the family and taking care of the evil that’s cast its dark cloud over the kingdom.  The revelations of her past are all well and good but this brings her focus firmly on the evil Kummerspeck whose reign of terror has pushed Fun to the brink.

Fun on the warpath

She’s soon rallying the troops and heading for vengeance with a band of goblins & ghosts at her back and although this is all gearing towards a finale that I don’t want to reach…..I can’t help be swept along with the words of our headstrong hero.  The subtle hints of humour are just as well placed in this final issue as they have been all along and there’s more than a few surprises for the reader before the last few panels appear.

Neil & Colin bring their tale to a natural and well paced end with the momentum across the full four issues warranting a revisit to enjoy the whole thing from the beginning again – I’m hoping for a collected edition sometime soon too.  The same smart details and pleasing artwork is there with the extra help from David B. Cooper on colours that helps complete one of the best all ages books around let alone in the indie world.

Go check out the Dogooder Comics website for more info and keep tabs on their appearances through the Facebook page.



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