Future Primitive #1 & 2


The big question of science vs religion is rolled out in the first 2 issues of Future Primitive released through Markosia and while the tale as old as time may be one we’ve heard before, there’s no crime in trying to breath new life into that.

Kevin Gunstone takes us on a journey into the past to explore a vast world of myths, legend and the superstitions that go with it.  Focusing on two homonid tribes that predate modern man that have taken different paths in their development as the faith-focused Australopiths and the technology-savvy Neanderthals go about their lives worshiping their own very different gods.


It’s all very real though as the mix of history between the two brings elements of ancient ideals together in a mix that’s all very natural in its progression for both sides of this inevitable war.  Ultimately this becomes a quest for power as Kulkan the Noble & future King of the Neanderthals has his future to consider and a very real sense of destiny at his back.  The Skybearer Neanderthals and the Australopiths of The Moon Clan face their foe with the same faith in their beliefs that mark the centre of their decision-making and as the flying Skybearers bear down on the simpler Moon Clan the depth in the story grows and grows.


Gunstone does a phenomenal job at keeping the pace steady and although the pages are jam-packed with theories & theologies, the drop in pace that it forces onto the reader just makes this a more engaging read.  Taxing for sure as it’s definitely not a throwaway title and a real need to concentrate is perhaps the only factor that may put some people off. That being said, committing to a story of this scale and grandeur is its own reward as you come away thinking about the bigger ideas on offer and then returning to re-read and make sure you were on the right track.  The artwork from Slobodan Jovanovic enhances that depth as its high detail and ancient tones help highlight the scale with great effect and a smart use of some panel layouts helps build on those ideas further.  This all goes to support the ideas of history & mystery that weaves through these first two parts of a 5-issue epic.

Check out more over on the Markosia website and keep tabs on Future Primitive on it’s Facebook & Twitter pages.



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