A Comic a Day in May – Day 30: Identity Thief

Identity Thief

Just a look at that front cover had me scrambling to get this ordered from Fanboy Comics with the promise of a dark & twisted tale from writer Bryant Dillon & artist Meaghan O’Keefe.

Daphne & Craig have taken the plunge & moved into a new apartment in a new town which gives them the hope of a new start but there’s more planned in this title.  The whole issue is really staged within the apartment and while the conversations between the couple build the relationship between them it’s the visuals that builds the tension.

Daphne & Craig

Dark, moody & amazingly atmospheric there’s soon a great feeling of unease building as a strange lodger in the attic begins to observe them and explore the apartment while they sleep.  In typical horror style you want to look away but you’re torn because you want to shout at them both to see what you’re seeing unfold.  This all makes it a gripping story which takes an unexpected turn near the end with an outcome that’s both unexpected & surreal.


Like all good horror’s there’s a constant hint of what’s happening with a glimpse here n there and the blanks being filled in by the reader makes this a page turner.  Unbelievably well written & paced with artwork that combines well to leave the goal of disturbing the reader well and truly fulfilled.

You can catch up on this & Fanboy Comics other titles over on their Facebook pagewebsite.  You can also check out the Identity Thief’s own Facebook page & website.



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