A Comic a Day in May – Day 29: DIS #1

DIS #1

Defense Intelligence Service (DIS) #1 sees creators Kevin Gunstone & JC Grande combine to bring us a government conspiracy mixed with the occult in this Markosia release.

Central character John Corvus is one of the top Agents with DIS and we’re thrown into the action as his latest investigation brings him face to face with a cult with some top Government people in their sights.  John’s mission failure brings with it all kinds of unwanted attention and as he is now under the microscope – his past, his recent actions & his potential future are all in the balance.


Nothing is straight-forward for him as you’d expect as that investigation is only the tip of the iceberg plus he’s still got a mystery to solve.  This takes him to the verge of discovery as he creeps around town keeping an eye on the dodgier elements within the Government that seem intent on abusing their power.  Breaking & entering is the biggest of the steps he takes and it brings him face to face with the cloaked cult members which leaves us on a cliffhanger in the last few panels.

Spy games

Kevin weaves a dark edges of satanic rituals & deep Government plots with a spy vibe straight from some of the best 60’s/70’s TV shows or movies.  That blends well with the art from JC Grande who captures the sinister edge and the action sequences well with the additional aspects of the boardroom chat & investigation elements giving just enough info to keep you hooked.  Colouring by Jessica Alley & lettering by Greg Sorkin complete the package with their own personal touches making the difference in turning a good read into a great read.

You can keep up to date on this and the other Markosia titles over on their website.  You can also keep tabs on DIS through the Facebook & Twitter pages.



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