A Comic a Day in May – Day 28: Treehouse #1-5


Dundee already has a strong connection with the comic creations that Scotland boasts and the team behind the Treehouse anthology adds to that as we see a solid mix of artists & writers blend their stories across these 5 volumes.

You get a little bit of everything across these with short, punchy stories that cover a whole range of subjects – the likes of time-travel, the great outdoors, mystery & everything in between.  There’s also a few recurring characters in the shape of the hilarious Detective Skip Tobey (which is one of the standout stories for me at least) and sci-fi madness in God Slayer which pop up across the title.

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Anthologies are undoubtably a great chance to showcase talent but also gain the chance to vary what you read – there will usually be something in here that you wouldn’t normally choose and the main gain is that you’ll maybe be convinced to take a chance on something outside your usual pull list.  I know that’s the positive for me as while I do still keep a regular superhero set of titles on the go its the indie titles & even more so with indie anthologies……that has a greater scope of themes.

There are contributions from Jo Helfer, Andy Herd, David Peter Kerr, Stuart McAdam, Norrie Millar, Neil Scott, Avril Smart, Ali Smith, Sam Goncalves, Jules Valera, Catherine Weir, David Robertson, Jon Adam & Balazs Lorinczi across the five volumes and the mix of styles and quality varies across them but they all fit together well.  Inevitably there are some that miss the mark but the number of different stories you’ve got pretty much ensures that you’ll get another favourite along in just a few pages time.  An eclectic mix for sure but you’ll find something worth reading in each of them.

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Some of the gang will be attending Granite City Comic Con this weekend (30th May) so you’ll be able to get your hands on some of these.  You can also keep tabs on what’s next for the team over on the Facebook page or on Twitter and you can get hold of their issues in their online store now.



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