A Comic a Day in May – Day 26: Wolf Country #4

Wolf Country #4

Jim Alexander brings us the latest issue of Wolf Country and while the previous issue left everything on the brink (See reviews of 1, 2 & 3)……it’s only here that we see the fallout of what’s gone before.

The settlement came under attack at the end of the last issue at the same time as the city was seeing it’s own revolt but after an intricate build-up by Jim over those first few issues it’s all out action as things kick off in style.  It’s vampire vs werewolf with our human characters caught in the middle and every side seems to take casualties….with no one being completely safe from at least some sort of brutal injury.

Attack #1

The pace picks up with an onslaught of in-fighting & bloody violence which makes this a page-turner of an issue as the cast are all fighting for their lives with a mix of odds that spells out exactly where the story is going.  Even among all that action there’s still sharp, smart dialogue flowing that helps add to the overall intricate world that blends myths & politics.

Attack #2

While Jim charges ahead with the pace Will Pickering keeps up the same pace with more of the stunning artwork we’ve seen in previous issues as the step up in action challenges the panel layout and how much energy he can capture within them.  The result is a fully charged addition to the Wolf Country world with an over-the top series of set pieces & final interrogation scene that doesn’t pull any punches.  This all builds up over a blur of pages and sets up what looks to be more of the same in the next issue.  There’s also another great cover from Luke Cooper and I’m counting down to the next issue AGAIN!

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