A Comic a Day in May – Day 23: Triskelion #1 – Act 1, Scene 1


Another surprise package in the form of Triskelion from Kathyrn Briggs who takes a basic story but blends a world of ideas to bring us something very different.

The story itself follows a hero, a victim & a villain but rather than your typical linear tale it’s far more complex & multi-layered than that.  The mix of characters sees a goddess of Wisdom, a Sea-Witch and an Innocent girl & her cat which in itself gives you an idea of how varied this title is but that’s only the tip of the iceberg really.


This story weaves in and out of what feels like the real world & a dream world as modern and ancient elements are added into the mix.  Some glorious & varied artwork helps maintain the momentum of the deep concept on offer here as it reminds me of some of David Mack’s style but the modern elements and extracts of text helps blend all the themes with a unique & effortless ease.


This could well have got messy in the wrong hands but it manages to teeter on the edge of madness while developing each character into a well-rounded component of the whole issue.  It won’t appeal to everyone as I’m sure most prefer their comics a bit more mainstream & linear but the advantage of ANY indie comic is that it will offer something different and Triskelion is a perfect example of that.  The story keeps moving but the artwork is definitely the central element for this release….or at least it was for me.  Well crafted & well worth a read to help you escape from the mundane.

Check out more of Kathryn’s work on her website and keep up to date with her through Twitter.



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