A Comic a Day in May – Day 20: Age of Revolution #1:Takeo Cooper

Age of Revolution #1

Publisher Cosmic Anvil throw us into the midst of a war where science & magic are going head to head……and where best to start but in a castle on the back of a whale travelling through space…..you know it makes sense.

A swift whale-back Castle intro to our main character and we’re quickly into a flashback of simpler times when Takeo was content living his days out in the wilds.  Where he could forage for food and kick the ass of bear’s to make his next meal with.  This is all short-lived with the arrival of a stranger to rock the boat and unsettle his apparently simple life.

Takeo vs Bear

It’s all told with tongue firmly in cheek as the over the top action and screwball humour gives this a real energy and an air of anime about some of those set pieces.  The pace is high and as a result this first issue suffers a little as it feels a bit short but the fun element more than makes up for that.  The art is quirky and a little sketchy in places but it suits the action scenes well giving it an instant connection between writer Huw Williams & artist Hannah Collins.

The General

While the issue may feel short there’s enough going on in this issue to pique your interest and with a further 3 issues available now (and a fifth on the way soon) – you’ll be able to get hold of more and the pacing will hopefully become less of an issue.  Frantic, funny and action-packed you’re sure to get a laugh and then some form this one.

You can pick up this issue and more over on Comixology and keep tabs on what’s next over on the Cossmic Anvil website or Facebook page.

You can also catch up with the team at at Cardiff Independent Comic Expo on 27th June and Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con on 23/24th August.



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