A Comic a Day in May – Day 19: A Dark Forest #1

A Dark Forest

Kate-Mia White brings us a tale of two sisters for her current Kickstarter project and I got an early look at the first issue.

With the kickstarter already past it’s target the plan is that this will be the first in a series of seven issues from Kate that follows the strict upbringing of Elizabeth with the arrival of her baby sister Grace giving her hope of some company in what appears to be a fairly lonely life.  There’s virtually no other contact seen between her & her parents and making a doll from some corn is a prime example of how basic her 19th century life is.


The one appearance of her father sees him reprimand Elizabeth for playing with toys, even a corn one, and labeling her a “Pagan” for her troubles. So you can see that life in her family is less than ordinary by today’s standards and we may get more of a glimpse of the world around her in the next issues but in issue one we’re setting the groundwork for more weird and wonderful things to come.  That being said a 16-page issue may seem short by regular standards but the mix of story and highly detailed artwork make this something new & different.


In fact, it’s the art that takes centre-stage in many ways as with each page I seemed to lose focus on the words and soak in the detailed work on the pages.  The intricate black & white artwork could appear stark but a short burst of this for 16 pages isn’t too heavy on the eyes……and I’m guessing it’s a little easier on Kate too.

A solid start from Kate and we have the beginnings of something bigger, of something mysterious and hopefully something that sees print for the entire run which looks to be a real possibility.  It won’t be for everyone as I’m sure some folks prefer their comics a little bit more action packed or spandex clad but the wonders of indie releases is that no story goes untold and A Dark Forest is a prime example of far away from that world comic books can get.

You can check out more on Kate’s work over on her website and be sure and check out the kickstarter too.



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