A Comic a Day in May – Day 10: Diskordia #11 & 12

Diskordia 11 & 12

After a chaotic but hugely entertaining introduction to the title with a 10-issue binge read – it was time to get my hands on the latest issues of Diskordia and back into the dark world created by writer/artist Rivenis.

While those first 10 issues felt pretty “out there” in terms of it’s trippy visuals – there was no denying that underneath it was a ‘good vs evil’ style yarn with a nightmarish edge to some of it’s characters.  These two issues we take more significant step into a regular series of goings-on than before but with the same vein of the weird & wonderful running through them.

#11 – The Neullids: The FBI are on their latest stakeout and as relatively new partners they’re trying to build trust between them as they keep tabs on hired killers Kassidy Graham & Blue.  All fairly run of the mill but when they’re on the move again – sharp, visceral dialogue & some interesting narrative keeps the pace up on this one and sabotage against the FBI agents gives our killers the freedom they need to tackle their nightmarish targets in the next town.  Great writing on this one but the artwork dips slightly across it particularly on some of the more expansive scenes although not enough to distract form the overall momentum of the issue.

FBI target

#12 – The Return of Mr Punch: Focusing on our cynical Private Detective Vincent Fairchild, we open in a police interview room where the questions aimed at Vincent trigger the flashbacks to the events that brought him into their custody.  A seemingly innocent but strangely high-paying case sees Vincent delve into things feet first and it’s only when his head catches up that the details he gathers all start to make sense.  Leading him onto the trail of Mr Punch and deeper into a world of debauchery flaunted by the rich who aim to get their latest kicks.  A missing girl & some gritty revelations later and we’re soon connected back into the wider, weirder world that Rivenis has on offer.  A word heavy issue but as it’s the flashback recounting of Vincent’s story, it plays out exactly as it should with a more consistent feel to the artwork in this issue.


Both issues are a great addition to the Diskordia universe and that’s exactly what Rivenis is creating with this title, an all encompassing tale of darkness that covers a spectrum of themes & characters.  This is all set against the backdrop of that central plot thread which showcases the darker side of the world he’s looking to portray across the whole Diskordia run.  Great characters added to the roster with these issues too as the variation continues to broaden and the drift back to more of a “normal” tale keeps this from drifting out into being too crazy or too detached from at least some sort of realism.

Go check out more on this over on the website or Facebook page and you can get hold of all issue over on Comixology as well as the 1st volume collection which includes #1-9.



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