A Comic a Day in May – Day 8: Novelty Song Volume 1 & 2

Novelty Song1 & 2

Novelty Song from Bee Tee Dee (Brian Daly) takes a small town local music scene and gives it a unique cult vibe.

The story centres around recently laid off Dave Tobin who has returned to his home town to find something to fill his days with.  Heading to see his old band playing with a new front man brings his anger to the surface and the thin vein of jealousy soon dissipates as his hopes of hitting the big time seem to have been answered thanks to a magic tree.  As far-fetched as that sounds if you can buy into that you’re on-board for a quirky tale of an old-band reforming to play covers that no one else can remember thanks to Dave’s discovery.

Novelty Song 1

Issue #2 continues to march on with that idea and six months after it’s initial discovery Dave isn’t really any further forward – much to his (and my) disappointment.  The band continues to record “new” songs and try their best to make an impact on the local scene as a stepping stone to the big time…….but that seems further away than it did before. Nevertheless, their sound engineer Jasper gets a whole new setup with some vintage sound equipment and “putting the band back together” takes a far more serious turn for Dave & his band Jenny Jumps.  Unfortunately for Dave – the singer that replaced him has eyes on stealing his new ideas and the magic that’s helped him get this far…….but with an aim to join the Jenny Jumps on their road to stardom.

Novelty Song 2

Brian’s characters are realistically messed-up and while the overall vibe of magic trees may be a significant hurdle to overcome – if you throw yourself into this you’ll e rewarded. It’s not all-out action as there’s scenes of sitting around talking across both issues and while these could be deeply mundane the artwork from Brian helps elevate even the most ordinary scenes to that quirky/interesting status.

As a musician myself I can probably relate to the local music scene rivalry and the gig/practice room elements with ease but the overall story is interesting enough for non-music types too.  In fact, I may not be “into” music as much as Brian with several of the references passing me by but the artwork and quality of character development makes this a far more intricate read than it may have appeared at first.

A definite cult air about it proves that it could and SHOULD have a place in anyone’s reading pile….as much for the breakaway into something new as anything else.  Great stuff to get lost in as the crazy, the humour & the curiously mundane mix perfectly.

You can get hold of issue #1 on Comixology and #2 from Gumroad now.

Keep up to date with more of Brian’s work over on his BeeTeeDee website.



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