A Comic a Day in May – Day 5: Wynter #2 & 3

Wynter 2 and 3

Guy Hasson continues his sci-fi tale Wynter as central character Liz Wynter is left reeling following the events of issue #1.

As the post-death opening scenes play-out at the beginning of issue #2 in their hauntingly beautiful way there’s a change of perspective in this one as we see the world from the point of view of hired killer, Alex Grace.  As Alex assesses the digital life of his latest hit – it brings him to a point where he identifies Liz as his next target and the tracking begins as he pulls in every resource he can to find her.  Careening through to issue #3 the pursuit continues with twists & turns along the way and building up to an eventual reveal on the last panel that slaps you across the face with a big “WTF?” moment.

Alex vs Liz

Now that’s a fairly quick summary of what happens and while it may not sound much different to anything you’ve read before there is far more going on in these two issues.  If this was a mainstream title I’d probably be complaining that it’s all a bit word-heavy but the detailed narrative helps build depth into both Alex & Liz’s characters well – through to a point where I kinda like them both and I’m left wondering who’s side I’m actually on.

Liz vs Alex

The world created by Hasson is refreshing rather than retreading ground we may have seen before and the high-tech world is a typically invasive one that works in Alex’s favour at first before Liz turns the tables on him.  Far more intricate than at first glance and re-reading helped me appreciate just how vast a world has been created by Hasson and then there’s the visuals.  Aron Elekes adorns the pages with some of the most stunning visuals I’ve seen in any comic – his work is reminiscent of the likes of Alex Ross or Esad Ribic and adds another element to Wynter that elevates this to a much higher level.  Less an Indie title and more of a lesson in how a great creative team can tell a story that’s engaging, involving & beautiful. This is one you’ve GOT to read.

Catch-up on all three issues of Wynter and more over on the New Worlds Comics website & Facebook page now.




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