A Comic a Day in May – Day 4: Cross:A Political Satire Anthology


As this year’s General Election is almost upon us – it made sense that I would take a look at an anthology that aims to revive political satire with the help of some big names and emerging talents.

It seems a particularly crucial time for politics in the UK following the close run contest in the Scottish referendum and that’s breathed new life into politics for the public across the country as a whole. Tapping into that newly piqued interest comes this collection from Disconnected Press where the familiar faces of the people in power get a long-overdue satirical makeover in what turned out to be a hidden gem from last months Edinburgh Comic Con.


The Disconnected Press team have always been able to get a fine balance of stories pulled together with a seemingly effortless ease but the real success of this release is the message weaved throughout the book.  It’s one of questioning the politics, the policies & the politicians in the fairly unique way that satire has.  Hitting topics head-on & never fearful of making a bold point in an extreme way to trigger real thought on how the world actually works.

The who’s who of Indie names both established & new make for some great reading and the overall result is one that incites every feeling you’d expect when the tackling the injustices that are kept out of the media on a daily basis.  The mocked up movie posters that appear throughout provide a short, sharp message in themselves while the stories capture everything from the insanity of austerity through to the manufactured process of creating a political leader that can aid the companies & rich friends to work the system by creating the system.

Dave and Boris

Powerful stuff that rings true with it’s stronger message of questioning both those in power and those who are strongly pursuing a position of power too because, let’s face it,  they’re all part of the same machine that elevates the wealthy as they become propped up by the poor & the working.  A book of it’s time maybe but there’s no doubting that while the masses become more aware of the individual power their vote can have, it all helps to grow the interest in the decisions that help form our society.  The likes of Rob Williams, PJ Holden, Mary Talbot, Howard Hardiman, Emma Beeby and many more play their part in that revolution through their ideas in this book.  Go get it, go read it and go vote!

Go pick up a copy of Cross on the Disconnected Press website now and check out some of their other releases too…..you can also keep up to date with them on Twitter as well.



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