A Comic a Day in May – Day 3: Random Trials #2

Random Trials 2

After an impressive opening issue Dean Beattie writes, draws & letters the second issue of his quirky and highly funny release – Random Trials.

We pick up where issue #1 left off as Charlie is hiding out in Snakebites house with them both now under the watchful eye of the government.  However, we soon find out that Charlie’s predicament is the tip of the iceberg in testing on the public that’s being going on for years and it’s more than just Charlie that’s starting to exhibit some pretty strange powers.  While his is eye-based fire we catch a glimpse of another target for the government trackers in the shape of Lewis – a bored office worker in a boring London office.  That is until he has some tiny humanoids crawling out of his belly-button and we’re quickly back on the trail of the government agents who seem to be collecting as many of these people as they can in the name of “The Company”.


Dean manages to tie together a lot of dialogue that rings out with real world phrases and more than it’s fair share of well-placed swearing to add to the humour, horror & action plastered across the pages.  The pacing helps those elements combine well and Dean manages to introduce an increasing roster of characters into the mix as there are other groups out to get their hands on the new, fully-powered members of the public.

The ideas are manic but well developed and Dean’s artwork adds an intricate layer on top of those varied plot threads.  Strong, bold colouring that emphasizes the elements suggests that this would work as an animated show too – a vibe that was also present in that first issue .  Random Trials continues to be smart, funny & fresh as it’s not like anything else out just now……that’s credit to Dean for that and if this isn’t one you’re reading then you really should get caught up.

Checkout more of Deans work over at his website



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