A Comic a Day in May – Day 2: BPM #1

BPM #1

While we may have already seen Jon Lock & Nich Angell team-up in The Heavenly Chord that saw their 7String & AfterLife creations merge worlds but it’s their new venture with Big Punch Studios that’s an even bigger project.

It’s a slightly different format for them both as they take their own creations and mix them in with a whole set of new ones in a quarterly magazine.  A bold step to take but with the fan base for their individual work already developed it offers a varied set of tales for them to create some broader ideas…..and that’s exactly what they set out to do.  The five different stories are a good mix for this new project with Orb proving to be my particular favourite so far but there’s no denying how vast & epic some of those other stories set themselves up to be.

Check out the summaries from the team below:


What is the Extraverse? Join the intrepid crew of the Reflektor, a multiversal vessel, as they navigate the lonely corridors between worlds: desperately seeking a place to call home and staying one step ahead of the boundless horror in their wake. But when all existence hangs in the balance, where is there left to run to?

In the early days of the 20th Century, mankind made contact with a higher dimensional being, forever changing the course of human history. But years later, in the aftermath of Second Contact, our gods have abandoned us, leaving our fate in the hands of a young girl, an aging prophet… and a floating stone warship from beyond the veil.

99 Swords

Years ago, a legendary swordsmith forged 99 swords of great power, transforming his world with their magic. Legend holds that whoever gathers all 99 will gain access to the mythical, 100th sword and ultimate power… a challenge that novice Swordhunter Elsie Blackwood is eager to accept. Read 99 Swords Issue 0 for free!

In the walled city of Prizm, crystals fall from the sky like rain. Acrobatic teams of catchers make a living defending their home with dazzling feats of agility, catching and selling the strange gems to maintain the city’s technology. But no-one has ever ventured beyond the wall and survived… and Cyanne is desperate to discover what lies there.

Back from their famous daily webcomic and 1000 Days of Adventure, the crazy feline and sarcastic pudding embark on a new journey, filled with hilarity and ridiculousness, in their twin-hulled boat. Now in colour!

A glorious mix of ideas and a quarterly schedule is one I’m sure they can stick to given how Jon & Nich have handled their individual projects so far.  The one niggle at the back of my mind is just how successful this could be as we’ve seen the likes of Mark Millar already attempt to release a serialized set of titles through Clint magazine a few years back.  That being said, the fanbase for both these creators (and I include myself in that) is extremely loyal and if anyone can make a success of a quarterly title like this, regardless of the risk, it’s Jon & Nich.

Here’s a glimpse at #2 out in June:

BPM #2

Go grab this as soon as you can and keep up to date with the progress on the next issues of BPM over on their website, through Facebook and over on Twitter.



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